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Protective Orders

Protective orders are orders from a Maryland court to legally order persons away from one another. These are used particularly when someone alleges domestic violence, assault, sexual assault, child abuse, harassment, or stalking. Once a protective order is in place, violating that order can lead to a criminal charge. 

An individual can request a protective order without telling the other party and get a hearing in front of a judge to tell only their side. If that initial protective order is granted, a hearing will be set where the other party is allowed to present their side of the story to the court. If you are facing a protective order, we can help you face the legal challenges and a potential final order. 

Final Protective orders can take many forms, and can have many different provisions, including no contact provisions, provisions forcing an individual to move from their home, firearms surrender, forced counseling, and many other permutations depending on the unique situation of the individuals involved. 

From years of litigating the fallout from protective orders, our firm knows how to handle protective orders and peace orders and restrictive conditions.  If you are dealing with a protective order or restraining order, now is the time to talk with an attorney who will be your advocate. 

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